About Rafiq and Company

Rafiq and co solicitors and legal adviceRafiq & Co Solicitors Limited are specialists in Family/Matrimonial, Children and Immigration Law who provide services including and not limited to advice and representation, to meet the needs of individuals and families.

One may simply wish to seek some comfort in having advice and/or representation to make sure they are doing the things the right way. Alternatively one may be faced with a challenge of not being sure what to do at all and require advice and/or representation. There are circumstances where one may need help and require advice and representation such as at Court and in some circumstances, pretty much straight away. Court proceedings in particular can be very challenging times and it is important someone is at hand whenever needed.

Rafiq & Co Solicitors Limited are aware of the needs of such individuals and their families and are ready to help. Rafiq & Co Solicitors Limited have extensive experience in advising such individuals and their families albeit whether simply advising clients or representing clients throughout the whole process including and not limited to Court proceedings.

Rafiq & Co Solicitors are also accredited members of the Law Society’s Family Law Advance Panel.

You can call Rafiq & Co Solicitors Limited and make your initial enquiry. Rafiq & Co Solicitors Limited offer a first 30 minutes free initial interview.

Rafiq & Co Solicitors Limited do also offer a out of office hours emergency service where necessary but it is requested that such calls should only be made where there is a emergency.

Rafiq & Co Solicitors Limited are based at 397 Great Horton, Road, Bradford, BD7 3DH and are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday except public holidays. Outside of these hours including public holidays, you can call the emergency telephone number, 07756 380300, inĀ  emergencies.

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