Children’s matters and Social Services

Children's matters and social servicesYou must remember just as a parent or carer has a duty to protect and promote the best welfare of a child, so do the social services. It is therefore important to understand their role and to cooperate with them and take on board and consider their advice. The social services generally get involved where they are concerned for the welfare of a child more particularly when they consider a child to be at risk.

The social services shall try and assist you at the early stages in an attempt to alleviate their concerns. However, in some cases a child protection conference may be convened where a number of professionals shall consider whether your child should be placed on the at-risk register.

Should the social services concerns not be alleviated then the social services shall commence the public law outline which is a series of meetings attended by the parents of the child. This is the last series of meetings before the social services shall issue care proceedings to get an Order from the Court that they care for the child instead of the parent, unless, through this process the social services concerns are alleviated.

Should the social services have to issue proceedings then this can be a very challenging time. There shall be a number of hearings and lots of paperwork and lots of meetings with different people including and not limited to professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists or other professionals. The social services must cross a legal hurdle known as the threshold criteria to get an Order for a child to be cared for by them.

It may very well be that the social services and the Court feel that it is best for your child to not be cared for by you. Rafiq & Co Solicitors Limited can advise and represent you in ensuring that your child is placed with the best possible people. It may very well be that you feel that there are other people such as family or friends who can care for your child. However, where this is not possible, Rafiq & Co Solicitors Limited can advise and represent you in ensuring that your child is best placed.

It is crucially important that you do get advice and/or representation as soon as practically possible if and when the social services do become involved and Rafiq & Co Solicitors Limited shall advise you and represent you through the whole process.


You can speak to Rafiq & Co Solicitors Limited in respect their fees in respect of their advice and representation.

Fixed fees can be agreed for certain stages.

You may also be eligible to legal aid (subject to meeting requirements). In nearly all cases where you are a parent with parental responsibility and your children have been removed from your case by a Local Authority, then you will receive Legal Aid.

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